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Have your CSC
Listed Here

Any Celtic Supporter's Club in North America should be listed on this North American Federation Website. There is no charge for being listed. If your club has an official website we ask that you supply us a link to that site and in return we will send you the link icon to our site.

Simply send your club's information to the N.A.F.C.S.C. webmaster and we will take care of the rest ... it's that simple !


All clubs must either confirm or update their information at least once per year based on the "Last Updated " tag on their club page.


Failure to do this will result in deletion of your club listing.

Update your
CSC information

To update or add to your club's information simply   e-mail the details to the N.A.F.C.S.C. webmaster (see contact info below).

You can list any information you wish about your club - the choice is totally yours.

If you wish your club's logo to be displayed on the N.A.F.C.S.C. website include it as any standard graphic format file.


Should you have any questions or comments regarding this website please contact the webmaster Don Clendenning using the e-mail link at the bottom of any page.


To contact any of the N.A.F.C.S.C. Committee members you can obtain their e-mail contact information on the N.A.F.C.S.C. Executive Committee Members page (see tab at the top of any page).

Contact Information

All information on this site is supplied by the member clubs, therefore we cannot guarantee it's accuracy.


Please contact the webmaster or the clubs directly for more information,.

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