Hail Hail Bhoys & Ghirls


After some heavy thought, debates and talking to the Committee members of the NAFCS, we have decided to cancel the Convention for June 2021. 


This decision did not come lightly but due to the way things are progressing with Covid-19 we felt there was no other choice. It is being done at this time to give everyone the opportunity to get their deposits returned and summer vacation plans changed. I have spoken with the hotel management and if anyone still wants to go then the hotel will honour the booking. Should you elect to cancel you can get your deposit back. 


I have also spoken with the overseas travel agent Stewart Travel, and they will be informing all their clients of the options that are available to them. 


The hotel have given me dates of June 13th through June 20th, 2022 so Ten in a row celebrations will include the 11 in a row party!


Some of the reasons why this decision was made include  conversations with a couple of Doctors in which I was told that if we have that many people coming to Las Vegas in June 2021, a hell of a lot of those folks would be going home with this Virus -  absolutely no doubt about it! 


Masks would have to be worn and that’s no fun when you are having a bevie. Staff would be on our backs to wear the mask or leave and if the bevie kicks in God only knows the trouble it could cause. There would be restrictions on the gathering size and that would put a serious damper on the way would normally intend to celebrate our teams accomplishments.


We could not have our famous pool party, no Gala Dinner/Dance, Green Night, or Golf tournament. All this would mean the Federation would have no income and that translates to zero funds to help deal with the various cancellation costs.


What will happen with this pandemic over the coming months is totally unpredictable. 


The committee members and I are so very sorry that this decision had to be made. We have all been so looking forward to hosting everyone from all around the world, meeting family and friends and having a grand old time. 


God Bless you all and hang in with us for 2022



Tam Donnelly

President NAFCSC